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Consulting consists of customized specialty programs for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations, as well as focused services to assist individual and business clients in making major, transformative changes or “overhauls” when their current life, business situation, or circumstances require more than the “fine tuning” offered by coaching. Sometimes, if one’s perspective or discernment is distracted by situational circumstances, it can be helpful to invite a neutral person from “the outside” to take an intimate look “inside.”

Soliciting feedback from leaders, teams, and sometimes, customers/clients, can provide invaluable, “360-degree” feedback and insight, informing next steps toward goal achievement. Always solution focused—even when assessments are performed and recommendations offered—consulting honors and relies heavily upon client insights and contributions.

Consulting—Customized Specialty Programs

  • Individual and group training and education
  • Team building and group dynamics
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Speaking engagements
  • Classes
  • Writing projects
  • Editing
  • Curricula and program development and facilitation
  • Lifestyle and Work Style Assessments for personal and professional engagement: individuals, couples, teams, and organizational leaders
  • Executive Leadership & Organization Development: conscious organization/business principles, ethics, practice, relationships, mission, and identity; personal, leadership, and organizational/business compassion cultivation, stress management, wellness, and citizenship