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“I see you, your life, work, or organization as a unique, whole system on its own—a complex integration of highly valuable, contributing parts. I love my work, and it’s an extension of who I am. With Harmony for Life ®, you have a partner in problem solving, solution creation, and successful goal realization.”

–Mari Tankenoff, PhD, Owner, Harmony for Life ®

Harmony for Life ® creates and facilitates customized, solution-focused programs and services for people and businesses worldwide who are ready to take their lives, work, and organizations in a new direction of health, productivity, satisfaction, and success.

Harmony for Life © promotes and supports human sustainability with innovative, cutting-edge wellness-for-success programs.

We focus on the power of process—dialogue, trust, accountability, implementation, and follow-through—by all parties involved.

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”
—Charles Swindoll

Programs and Services


Coaching focuses on where you are and where you want to be. Coaching does not involve any diagnosing, treatment, therapy, or emphasis on pathology, illness, or disease. Unlike therapists, both coaches and consultants can work with clients whom they know personally and professionally.

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Consulting consists of customized specialty programs for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations, as well as focused services to assist individual and business clients in making major, transformative changes when their current life, business situation, or circumstances require more than the “fine tuning” offered by coaching.

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Take Care. Take Charge. ©

This is a service designed for business and organizational leaders that specifically addresses the health of your people and organization.

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