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“Mari’s professionalism, compassion, and experience are unparalleled. I recommend Harmony for Life ® and its holistic self-empowerment coaching to my clients who are interested in a truly collaborative approach to experiencing wellness and exploring their personal or professional life purpose and meaning.

Indeed, in my own life, it is a comfort to know that Mari will be there to respond holistically to people’s needs with cutting-edge programs and integrative services dedicated to bringing integrity and dignity to coaching and consulting for people and businesses worldwide.”

Dr. Kerry Burnight
Associate Professor
U.C.I. School of Medicine, Irvine, California USA

“Once upon a time, being heard was a rule. Today it is an exception. One exception to THAT rule is Mari Tankenoff. With a kind heart and welcoming ear, you will be heard. With wisdom, you will be guided. With a patient style, Mari will walk beside you, as together you explore the issues of your life and work. You are, my friends, in good hands.”

Mr. Bill Farquharson
Owner, Aspire For
Sales Training & Education
Duxbury, Massachusetts USA

“Harmony for Life ® offers people and businesses the opportunity to move forward and make transformational, lasting, and empowering changes. Whether your sessions take place by telephone/Skype or in person, you will experience the highest of ethical standards. Mari is a competent, committed professional who offers great compassion and passion for her clients’ progress and evolution. Having experienced a variety of her programs and services, I recommend Mari and Harmony for Life ® without reservation and with great confidence.”

Ms. Julie Jedlicki
Banking Executive
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

“Mari is caring, conscientious, and collaborative in her approach to professional and personal relationships. With extensive knowledge, broad awareness, and a deep commitment to mediating an individual’s growth, Mari is a skilled, effective facilitator in organizational development.”

Ms. Patti Clawson Berry, MA
Contributing Faculty, Liberal Arts, Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Santa Fe, NM USA

“I was Mari’s Trainer/Mentor Coach when she took the Coach Training Alliance-CTA Coach Certification program and achieved her Certification. Mari was always a skilled Coach. She has wonderful active listening and communication skills. In addition, she has a great deal of experience and knowledge in therapy and counseling, to which she added coaching skills. Mari is a caring, friendly individual, willing to share information and support her team members. She is also an experienced entrepreneur and business partner.”

Ms. Nan Einarson
Trainer/Mentor Coach
Toronto, Canada
Coach Training Alliance-CTA, Boulder, CO USA

“I am happy to recommend Mari! Mari is full of wisdom, insight, and compassion. She has a sense of humor and a sense of how complex the world can be, which makes her a skilled and trusted professional—psychologist, coach, or consultant.”

Ms. Gail Rosenblum, MA
Author and Metro Columnist
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minneapolis, MN USA

“I am happy to recommend Mari. For several years, Mari and I collaborated in state and community outreach for the research, development, coordination, and implementation of a statewide counseling and coaching program for displaced workers. As a regional community economic development practitioner, I met Mari at a local Chamber of Commerce function, where she was networking actively and promoting her wellness center business. In conversing with her, it was clear to me that her expertise and enthusiasm for promoting business health would be an ideal fit for an upcoming business opportunity at the state level.

In very little time, Mari developed a customized group business coaching model that would directly benefit a large statewide agency here in New Mexico. She accomplished this from conversations with the management of the state agency, taking time to attend to their stated needs and goals on behalf of the organization, as well as meeting the direct needs of the agency’s clients during these challenging economic times. Mari came up with cutting-edge, innovative, and creative concepts that were tailor made to both large and small groups, as well as opportunities for individual coaching. The unique aspect of what she created is that this program easily and seamlessly can be duplicated and implemented throughout New Mexico and beyond.

In terms of Mari’s intellectual ability, she has demonstrated a track record of excellence in the educational/academic arena. Mari holds a PhD in Organizational Systems, with a Specialization in Leadership of Sustainable Systems, from Saybrook University. Mari developed the concept, programs, and services for her business, which hosts a US Registered Trademark. Mari created her business from scratch, taking considerable time to develop public relations and marketing outreach, client tools, while skillfully managing all daily operations. She is constantly reading about marketplace trends for wellness, personal/professional development, and organizational dynamics. She always tries to stay on top of, if not ahead of, organizational and wellness-related trends.

Mari analyzes everything thoroughly, ensuring that all possible information has been researched, compiled, and thoughtfully organized—for the best possible outcome. Mari is tenacious about learning and exceeding expectations at every level of her work and life. As an over-achiever and someone who strives for the best possible outcome, Mari will begin a project or assignment well before she needs to, completing it before the expected due date.

Mari possesses superb writing skills that meet and exceed higher educational level expectations. Her educational background and work experience reflect her longstanding love of the written word and personal standards for excellence. I can assure you that her self-motivation and drive will lend themselves well to diverse and challenging projects. “

Mr. Val Alonzo, MA
Business Development Manager
LANL (Lost Alamos National Laboratory)/ Regional Development Corporation
Los Alamos, New Mexico USA

“Because of her impressive credentials, but more importantly, her enthusiasm and willingness to do whatever it takes, I invited Mari to be part of my team for my personal growth and self-empowerment corporate client seminar. When it came to the successful execution of this seminar, I was quite taken aback by Mari’s desire to leave no stone unturned. Mari never cuts corners. She prepares, does the work, and strives for her personal best. Mari possesses the uncanny ability to assess people and their motivations, which proved quite useful throughout a seminar that required speedy thinking and quick resolution to unanticipated problems.

Mari is thorough in the research of any concept, and until she has the full scope of a situation, she will continue to probe until all options are determined. Her written word is impressive, paying strict attention to all aspects of writing. Mari’s true gift is the ability of verbal communication. Complex modalities are diluted into palatable phrases, thus enabling anyone to understand. Her ability to listen and be patient also aids as an important layer to her overall ability to help others. Mari is compassionate, ready, and willing to help. She always strives for excellence. Mari’s PhD reflects her commitment to preparing herself even more for the challenges that exist for modern-day personal, professional, and organizational wellness and success. “

Ms. Natalia Alexandria
Author, Former Wall Street Executive
Natalia Alexandria Coaching & Consulting
Vero Beach, FL USA

“Mari is a dedicated professional and someone I recommend wholeheartedly. In the recent past, I have made several referrals to Mari, and in each case, those whom I referred reported back with glowing remarks about her approach to counseling, coaching, consulting, her caring manner, and both her desire and ability to help. I have every confidence in Mari’s follow-through, professionalism, and her commitment to her clients.”

Mr. Keith Toler, MA
Director of Marketing
Chateau Morrisette, Inc.
Floyd, VA USA